LongarmChat.com saying goodbye....

July 10, 2013 at 3:17pm

Well it's been over 10 years that we started Longarmchat back in the day....  It's been a wonderful "adventure."  While this brings a mix bag of emotions, I'm afraid it's something that has to be done.  Recently we have had an influx of server related issues as some of you know.  It's been up, it's been down, then back up then back down.  We've hosted successfully with the same company for quite a few years of our existence and normally they can resolve the issues.  This time however, it involves moving the whole site over to another server.  I think the last time we did this was about 5 years ago.  It is a huge job.  Back in April we made the announcement we were probably shutting down within a year.  I'm sorry to say that the day has unfortunately come sooner than any of us anticipated.  We can no longer justify the man-hours of work this move would entail. 

Because many of you either renewed or subscribed after July of last year, we will be giving you a pro-rated refund.  This cannot be done automatically however since most of that information is on the server we are having issues with.  What I'm asking anyone who would like a refund to do is to email me at linda@blueribbonquiltco.com with their PayPal transaction # they would have received when they subscribed or renewed.  Please include your username and month you subscribed or renewed and a refund will be forwarded to you.

I want to personally thank all of those that have been with us from the beginning, yes there are still some old timers like myself lol...  This is not the way I wanted it to end, but it is necessary to say farewell.

With my deepest gratitude for all our members throughout the years,

Linda Lawson

New Private LongarmChat group on Facebook has been created.

Please read the feed below for instructions on how to get involved with this group.  It is a private group and only those that had a current membership with Longarmchat.com will be admitted.